7 Things to Avoid When You Buy Freelance Script

Freelancing is a big industry, and it is fast growing with over 40 million Americans working as freelances. Technology is growing faster, and companies now prefer to hire remote workers to incur lower costs.

After purchasing our freelancer clone, you will have a ready website where clients can post projects and freelancers can tender on them. You will be on the verge of tapping into the billion dollar industry currently controlled by Freelancer.com and Upwork.com formerly Odesk.

Freelance Script

The following are things to avoid when you buy or before buying the Freelance Script:

1. Price

Let us face it there are many open source Freelance Clone Script available which are overpriced by those selling them. When you buy the script, it should have a reasonable price tag and all the features from the original program.

2. Original Logos and Images

It’s perfectly legal to buy and use the freelancer clone script; however, you should ensure that it is free from logos resembling material from the main company. Creating new logos and trademarks is a simple, inexpensive process that will only set you back a few dollars,

3. Don’t Sit Back

Now that you have a full functioning Freelance script you should prepare to launch the website in the shortest time possible. Find a hosting company that provides different hosting packages. As you start don’t look for dedicated servers they tend to be expensive, instead, look for a cheaper option and after you grow your traffic migrate to dedicated servers.

4. Buy from a Credible Website

Not all Freelance script comes from reputable vendors and programmers. Some are full of errors and might not work. Look out for tell-tale signs that the software comes from an established company. Ensure that the vendor offers after-sale services and support.

5. Don’t Wait For Things to Happen

After buying the script, and launching the website, make sure you generate interest in your platform. Build a social media page, invest in Google ads, Facebook Ads, and email marketing, any channel that grows your business.

6. Don’t Expect Too Much When You Start

The freelancer clone is not an overnight means to grow rich. You will have to have patience and build you platform step by step. The script comes with all the features you could need, such as payment processing, search services, posting jobs, user profiles and more.

Businesses are built slowly, and within no time you will become a top provider of freelance services. Along the way, you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

7. Operating Outside the Law

Ensure that you adhere to the laws and regulations in your country of residence. Have terms and conditions to regulate activities and interactions on the site. Ensure that you have a way of vetting freelances on the site to ensure clients have credibility in the services offered.

At ClonesCloud, we assist our customers after they purchase the PickGeeks open source Freelance Script and make sure that all features are working as promised.